Frame Bolt: Process G1 upper shock bolt


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Kona Process G1/SE Frame Bolt CMPPRBTUS1

Process G1 Upper Shock Bolt Replacement

Included in kit:

  • Includes aluminum, black shock bolt with fine thread pitch.
    • Bolt dimensions: Ø14*M8*P1.0*38mmL
    • Aluminum

Model Compatibility:

  • 2014 Process G1 153 models
  • 2014 Process G1 134 models
  • 2014 Process G1 111 models


***Cromoly steel upper shock bolt with course pitch can be found under SKU CMPPRBTUS2***

***Be sure to install the correct thread pitch bolt or damage will occur***

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Process G1 134 27.5, Process G1 134 SE 27.5, Process G1 153 27.5, Process G1 153 SE 27.5, Process 111, Process 111 DL, Process 167

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